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LOTR Slashy Oscars are GO!

Your fandom needs you!

With much ado and loud fanfare, hereby we start the new Slashy Oscars Season!

Nominate your favorite fics, authors, characters and scenes - but please keep to the rules. Nominate as often and as much as you want; we wouldn't want to rob anyone of their chance to be the best newcomer for writing hilarious Sean Astin / John Rhys-Davies smut. Have fun reading and nominating!

Authors, this is the time that you tell everyone that the comm is alive and running; and remind us what you wrote in the year 2007. Please pimp the awards as much as you can in all the LOTRiPS communities; the more the merrier.

Nominations deadline: the 11th of April.

Now go forth and find slash.
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