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Fic: "Breaking Point" PG-13 (16/?) [SB/VM, IM/CP, (OB/KU)]

Summery: Unbeknown to everyone, even Viggo himself, Viggo’s dormant Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) surfaces, making Sean become caught between the real Viggo’s pure love and his Alter’s dark and twisted sense of love in a dangerous relationship that could destroy them both. The other cast members end up becoming caught in Viggo’s battle as well, most noticeably Orli, Ian and Liv.

Quick recap: Karl had tried to 'scare' Sean into reconsidering his relationship with Viggo. When doing so he hit Sean and scared him, resulting in Viggo 'saving' him. Karl was pained by what he had done and the hurt he had caused. Ian, Craig, Orli, Liv, Karl and Dave decided to continue to try and find a way to help Sean and Viggo.

Warnings, disclaimer and more for this story can be read in part 1.
This is for everyone who did not give up on this story. *hugs* A special thanks to BlueKat who asked for more BP; you made me finish this chapter. This is for you; always was and always will be. 'blows kisses'

* * *

Breaking Point - part 16
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